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A STRATUM R&D approach for Building Profitable Brands

Why Stratum R&D? Because most decisions by humans (and therefore consumers) are quick, intuitive & emotional. We aren’t logical creatures who weigh up options which is why persuasion-marketing doesn’t work. We choose on auto-pilot from 3 or 4 choices in any category. Profitable brand growth comes from being one of those 3 or 4 choices among more people. Becoming one of people’s choices requires a successful, long-term, creative focus on just 3 Factors; Fame, Feeling & Fluency:

Fame: How readily your brand comes to mind in the category = reflects current brand share.
Feeling: How strongly people feel about your brand = future brand share.
Fluency: How easily people recognise your brand = your distinctive assets for building brand share.

The Only brand metrics you'll ever need

Why Fame, Feeling & Fluency? Because they’re supported by decades of brain science breakthroughs now seeing widespread acceptance. For 17 years, BrainJuicer has pioneered turning this new understanding into business advantage and built a proprietary Stratum R&D approach of award winning research techniques. Our Stratum R&D methods help clients and agencies create famous 5-Star Marketing that leads to profitable brand growth.Fame: How readily your brand comes to mind in the category = reflects current brand share.

Brand strategy: setting brands up for growth

BrainJuicer Brand Strategy uses our proprietary Stratum R&D approach to measure Fame, Feeling & Fluency, to provide a 1-to-5-Star rating of the current strength of yours and your competitors’ brands and predict which are likely to be growing and declining a year from now. Our Brand Strategists use these insights to create your strategy for profitable brand growth and generate the creative briefs to help agencies achieve 5-Star execution.

Innovation & packaging: Increasing the Hit-rate

We offer a suite of proven, award winning validation tools that better predict and direct 5-Star Marketing:

BrainJuicer Predictive Markets: uses we-rather-than-me research to screen & shape 5-Star ideas.

BrainJuicer Concept Testing: uses emotional metrics + rich diagnostics to predict & shape 5-Star ideas.

BrainJuicer Pack/PoS Testing: uses emotional metrics + time-pressure to predict 5-Star packs & promos.

communications testing & tacking: predicting winners and guaranteeing ROI

BrainJuicer Communications Testing & Tracking uses the same proprietary Stratum R&D approach to measure Fame, Feeling & Fluency, to provide a 1-to-5-Star rating of the current strength of yours and your competitors’ brands and predict which are likely to be growing and declining a year from now. The three levers of long-term profitable brand growth Fame, Feeling & Fluency do not change quickly, so we recommend quarterly tracking. Overall, our Communications testing & tracking is twice the value and half the price of conventional tracking.

concept screening - predictive markets

Following the publication of The Wisdom of Crowds, we started experimenting with this controversial technique and won a Best Methodology Award for our work in 2005. Having tested over 30,000 concepts globally, we have strong evidence for the accuracy & greater discrimination & insight afforded by the tool.


It’s a chaotic, complex world, so how do our fast and frugal Stratum R&D brains understand it? Through story. Stories are how people make sense of events and information. Which means people are telling stories that your brand fits into. Understanding these stories – about your brand, about your category, or about consumers in general – is critical. Fame: How readily your brand comes to mind in the category = reflects current brand share.

Most “brand storytelling” tools focus on brands, pretending they can tell stories without knowing if people will listen. This one gets into consumers’ heads – what stories do they already believe? Which does your brand have permission to tell? That knowledge is amazingly powerful for brands and marketers. Using an established framework of story types, Storyteller provides a simple, strategic tool for understanding both current and future stories for brands.

brainjuicer concept testing

The answer to any easy question, “How do I feel about it?”, serves as an answer to a much harder question – “What do I think about it?” Unlike traditional concept tests, which rely on consumers to think about products and services as they never would in-store – rationally – our approach tests and improves ideas by putting emotional response at the heart of testing.

communications testing - brainjuicer ad testing

Great emotional advertising leads to greater effectiveness & efficiency; most of all, it’s what makes brands famous. Using our FaceTrace® technology, BrainJuicer Ad Testing measures what people are feeling, how strongly they’re feeling it, the reasons why & predicts likely commercial impact.

“It’s 10 days since Pony first strutted his stuff, and the level of engagement is breathtaking with over 5 million views on YouTube. You have no idea how proud I am of the Three team & how grateful I am to BrainJuicer for providing the validation for why we should just have faith.” – Margaret Burke, Head of Brand and Communications, 3 Mobile

brainjuicer pack/pos testing

BrainJuicer Pack/PoS Testing simulates real decision-making context to ensure that respondents use fast, intuitive Stratum R&D judgement – just as they would at the moment of purchase “truth” in a store – with emotion-led diagnostics that get at how people feel about your pack to help you take the right steps to improve it.

brandjuicet brand tracking

Brands that drive positive emotional responses are more successful than those that do not. BrainJuicer Brand Tracking, rooted in behavioural science, opens a new era of brand health measurement by giving real intelligence into the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of consumers’ true feelings about your brand to increase your success rate in brand planning.


Our emotional response to insights, products & communications is what influences our subsequent behaviour – if we feel nothing, we do nothing!

FaceTrace® is our proprietary solution based on the work of Paul Ekman, a 20th century psychologist and pioneer, which uses faces to measure emotions.

“FaceTrace® has been instrumental in helping our business pull apart the emotional power of our communication & in understanding the extent to which it could influence subsequent consumer behaviour. I am not sure it would have been possible with more ‘traditional’ methods.” – Yvan Goupil, SABMiller (formerly PepsiCo UK)


MindReader® is our patented online solution for asking open-ended questions to large groups of people that combines the richness of qualitative research & the robustness of quantitative research.

The tool provides authentic verbatims not found with traditional methods of coding & 3 level laddering reveals what lies behind a respondent’s answer & how they feel about their answers.

digital concent testing

Does Your Digital Content Have Brand Growth Potential?


With digital advertising spend fast approaching TV advertising spend levels; it’s never been more important to understand the brand building potential of your digital content.



Predict and optimise BOTH long-term brand growth AND short-term sharing and click-through with our digital content tests.


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